Rules of European Roulette

If you share the same passion as I do, then you are always on the lookout for games that offer you higher winning chances. European roulette, unlike other variants of roulette, offers players better odds of winning against the house. I was surprised to know that this winning edge is increased if there is a single zero only, as opposed to having double zeros.

When you consider the basics of European roulette versus other variations, there is no uniquely significant difference. As a player of European roulette, you are supposed to guess correctly the slot in which a spun ball is going to land. If your guess is accurate, a payout proportional to the amount of bet you place will be awarded. This game has offered its fair share of disappointments to people who have been greedy with their fortunes. Making big bets means winning big payouts. But the slots on a European roulette wheel appear to be randomly aligned, meaning that there is an equal chance of any number winning.

European roulette special rule

The en-prison gives players with an even bet the option of taking back half of their bet if the ball were to land on the zero, or leaving it to play the next round.

How do you place a bet?

The process of betting in European roulette involves the use of regular casino chips. This makes tracking individual bets hard, because all the chips look alike. Each player is tasked with keeping an eye on his or her bets, because they are all kept on the table until croupier declares that no more bets are allowed. European roulette bets fall on either inside or outside areas. While inside bets are a bit hard to land on, they pay very well if guessed correctly, while the opposite is true for outside bets. To bet, a player places what they want to put at stake in the position they are betting on, and then presses the spin button. The player decides if they want to continue with betting after a round is complete, by either betting again, or clearing all available bets.

Playing European roulette online

You have an opportunity to play for real money on some online casino sites. If a site offers adequate customer support, best offers on bonuses and has an authorized random number generator, then it is a fair site to play on. It may, however, require a lot of experimentation to establish which site is good and which not. You may have to put in some amount of money at each site to determine this, but is it the best way to learn. When you have won a bet on an online game of European roulette, the winning number is shown in a separate window on the screen, and the winnings are added to the balance. Losing bets are cleared from the screen. These games are all about gambling, so be awake and get an early start.

Betting rules in Roulette

The game of roulette is to a great extent surrounded by mystery, romance and suspense. I have heard people say that you only win a game of roulette if you play dirty. Well, that is yet to be confirmed by the thousands of roulette winners who play on the Internet. From experience, roulette is not won by sheer luck, but rather a combination of strategy and a good understanding of the rules. It is a fact that in all gambling games there is a house advantage that is significantly real. How else do you imagine that the sites and casinos manage to stay in business? If you knew the game of roulette that well, you could make a living from offering betting tips to others for money, as it is a very popular online game.

Before the game starts

The first rule of betting in a roulette game is to declare your bet before the ball begins to spin. It is the croupier who calls the end to a betting session, but players can still bet when the ball is still in motion. As soon as the ball comes to a stop, all the winners are supposed to be paid, and the losing bets cleared from the table. No rule dictates that you should bet again after you have won, so winning is the best signal for a player to exit the game. Unless of course you want to play it wise by betting a fraction of what you have won on the next game.

Unwritten rules of roulette

Some unwritten rules about playing the game serve to make the gaming experience as seamless as possible. For example, all players are required to wager their bets quickly so that by the time they are told to stop, everyone has finished doing so. In all fairness to the players, onlookers are supposed to watch the roulette table from a distance to avoid overcrowding the table. This makes it easier for players to place their bets and allows the croupier to unequivocally see what is happening.

The dealer is allowed to help players to place a bet, though this is sometimes overwhelming in land-based casinos where there are many players at a table. This is very popular in casinos that have a lot of people and want to find ways for players to save on betting time. People have won good money at the roulette table, and that is why many more continue to play.

Making use of betting systems

To maintain high chances of winning a game of roulette, certain betting systems are allowed. For example, there’s the Martingale system, where the bet is doubled until the house limit is reached, while in the D’Alember system, a unit is added to the bet after losing, and subtracted when winning. Somehow I don’t get why people keep on using these strategies, as they are definitely ways of losing big money at the expense of small wins.

My personal rule is to stay with simple, even money bets, as the loss associated to these is manageable, while the payouts, when winning, are good.

Rules of Live Roulette

Even if you have never been to a casino, somehow you can recognize the spinning wheel of a roulette table. It is possible to be an online spectator and watch as players anxiously wait for their guesses to come true. The majority of the online casinos offer this feature, and in most cases you just have to click on the live button to see which games are ongoing. The roulette variant used in live casinos depends on the site and software in use.

Features of a live game

The live feature in a casino game enables all players who are playing that particular game at that moment to be interconnected by instant messaging. If you would like to chat with the rest of the players, there is a chat box where you are required to type your message and then enter to deliver it. It is possible to access game results of the previous games using the history button. You will be able to view bets placed, date of the game, and the number of rounds that you have played. When playing in a multiplayer version of an online casino, you have the option of skipping your turn in case you need to attend to something else, or want to watch as others play.

Restarting live roulette

If you happen to experience difficulties connecting to the Internet when the game is already in progress, you have no option other than to reboot your computer and then go back to the game. The history button will allow you to see how the round ended.

How to play

Every bet made in a live roulette game must be in agreement with the table limits set for maximum and minimum. Please check the range, because each table is unique. Since live dealers do the dealing, if in doubt, you can always ask. A player or group of players is supposed to bet and confirm the bet before the allocated betting period, which ends when the croupier shouts to indicate that no more bets will be allowed.

Spinning the wheel

In every game where the sequence of events can be viewed, people always find a way of suggesting that the process is biased, and this is likely very common in the casino setting. I have seen the croupier on several occasions spinning the table wheel in one direction, and then introducing the ball in the other direction. To me, this is the fairest way to do it, and even if done by different people, the outcome will still be random.

Voided games

There are times when you might have seen a live dealer declaring a game as void. There are certain errors that may cause this, and if the game is allowed to continue, it will result in an unfair win or loss. The ball must make at least three full revolutions on the wheel, and the wheel must spin in the opposite direction for a live spin to be considered valid.